Driving the narrative


Planning and Strategy a First The thought that counts.

When a business considers a marketing campaign or when a company faces a PR crisis, the first step is to plan and strategies how to move forward. It is important to discuss where things stand; what needs to be accomplished; which audience needs to be reached, and then plan a path forward. Good planning empowers clients to allocate resources – capital and personnel – as advantageously as possible.

Messaging and Content a Strong Second Words matter.

Before producing an ad, video, website, brochure, mailer or press release, an entity’s message must be concise as to what services it provides; what items the retail or online store sells or who the nonprofit helps. The content also needs to convey the entity’s specialty and competitive edge. Finally, the message points need to be consistent on all platforms such as digital, print, audio, and video. We formulate the message and create content in the English and Yiddish languages.

Jewish Community Data Data is indeed King.

We research and collect data regarding the Jewish community especially in the tri-state area of NY, NJ and CT. The stats include community growth rates, family size and household income. This data coupled with our clients' own data helps increase the effectiveness of the marketing planning.

Marketing Management Efficient and Effective

Many companies do not have a Chief Marketing Officer on staff. This leaves a void when doing a marketing reboot and it can also cause the company to spend thousands of dollars more than needed. By managing marketing, AxlePR serves as the client's representative to all vendors thus keeping things flowing and assuring that the client does not get taken on a ride with bloated billing and unneeded services.

Creative and Placement Hit on every front and be seen.

If a client does not have existing creative vendors, AxlePR retains and oversees the creative teams to produce the needed marketing tools for newspapers, TV, radio, websites, social media, billboards and snail mail. AxlePR then oversees the distribution of those items. Tactical placements assure that a client’s product, company or campaign breaks through in a crowded market. AxlePR secures strategic placements in a way that enables clients to reach more people while spending less.

Media and Community Outreach Driving the narrative.

AxlePR helps clients channel their message via press and media opportunities including drafting and distributing press releases, talking on background or on the record with the media, and assisting the client in speaking with the media. We have extensive relationships in the New York media market, with members of the National Press and with publications in specific ethnic markets. Companies and campaigns often must reach out to influential individuals to be successful or to mitigate a PR problem. We maintain professional relationships with public officials, influential leaders and power brokers from a verity of communities, and facilitate outreach efforts between our clients and those players.