Driving the narrative


Planning and Strategy a First The thought that counts.

When a business considers whether to undertake a marketing campaign or when a company faces a PR crisis, the first step is to plan and strategies how to move forward. It is important to discuss where things stand; what needs to be accomplished; which audience needs to be reached, and then plan a path forward on the PR, Ad and Community Outreach fronts. Good planning empowers clients to allocate resources – capital and personnel – as advantageously as possible.

Messaging and Content a Strong Second Words matter.

Before producing an ad; video; website; brochure; or mailer, and ahead of sending out press releases or a sales team, an entity’s message must be concise as to what services the company provides; what items the retail or online store sells; who the nonprofit helps and for what the political candidate stands for. The content also needs to convey the entity’s specialty; competitive edge; who it serves while being as short as possible. Finally, the message needs to be consistent on all platforms. We create the message and content in English, Yiddish and Hebrew, and we fit it accordingly to all formats such as print; audio and digital.

Jewish Community Data Don't Fly Blindfolded.

AxlePR researches and collects data of the Jewish community. Having data such as community growth; family size; household income and publication circulation coupled with our clients' own data, helps increase the effectiveness of the planning.

Media and Press Drive the narrative.

We help our clients channel their message to the public via press and media opportunities including drafting and distributing press releases, talking on background or on the record with the media, and assisting the client in speaking with the media direct. Whether a client has a business goal to reach, a political campaign to win or a need to respond rapidly to an unfolding PR disaster – Axle PR is there driving the narrative. We have extensive relationships in the New York media markets as well as with members of the National Press and with publications in specific ethnic markets.

Community Outreach It’s who you know.

Companies and campaigns often must reach out to influential individuals in specifies communities to be successful there or to mitigate a PR problem. We maintain professional relationships with public officials, influential leaders, power brokers and thought leaders from a verity of communities, and facilitate the outreach efforts between our clients and those players.

Creative Hit on every front.

We fully create paid media products for newspapers, TV, radio, and for digital platforms, social media and snail mail. Integrating PR efforts with a paid advertising campaign drives a brand’s value and a candidate’s poll numbers. We provide these services independent of or in conjunction with a client’s exiting vendors.

Placement & Distribution Be seen.

Consumer and voter opinion and the resulting sales or voting patterns are influenced by exposure in newspapers, on television and at online platforms. Tactical placements help a client’s product, company or campaign break through the clutter in a crowded market. We study the publications relevance to a client’s target market and we plan the placements accordingly. We then secure great placements for good pricing in a way that enables clients to reach more with less.